Alexandra Roberson is a passionate Christian artist and storyteller of various mediums ranging from theatre to narrative film, documentary, and even museum curation. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Alexandra traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Spelman College where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance. There, she continued to develop her knowledge and skill through experience in stage management, assistant directing, and eventually directing shows of her own. During her time at Spelman, Alexandra helped to build a sustainable student network that created original digital media content that focused on social justice issues ranging from family trauma, sexual assault, racial dynamics, and mental health.


Alexandra continues to produce globally conscious content that has since premiered everywhere from Los Angeles to France. As an active Phi Beta Kappa scholar, she has received several awards for her work in film and activism, and is currently working to bring more awareness to social concerns through her artistic work as a producer, director, and performer for both stage and screen.

Alexandra is constantly open to working with new creatives daily.

"Ah, but a women's reach should exceed her grasp"

God Bless!!!